What Makes DR Technology Safer Than Film Technology? What makes DR technology safer than film technology?

Digital radiography systems allow maximum safety for the operator while facilitating the inspection process. Vidisco’s systems meets the specific needs of the industry, and offer a solution better suited than that of traditional film or CR (Computerized Radiography).

Using flat panel technology, only one approach to the inspected object is necessary in order to receive an image.

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Vidisco Launches a New Product Line for Equine Veterinary Vidisco Launches a New Product Line for Equine Veterinary

Vidisco’s cutting-edge portable DR (digital radiography) systems have earned a global reputation for trustworthiness and dependability. After years of providing top quality X-ray systems for the Security and NDT fields worldwide, Vidisco launches a new product line which is designed especially for Equine Veterinary proposes.

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Image of the Month

Here we can see an X-ray of a grenade which was taken at
a police station in Asia.

Using the overlay function, the operator can combine two images taken with different exposures, thus revealing several materials of different densities (such as plastic and steel) in one image.

X-ray of a grenade

Vidisco is renowned as a global leader in developing and manufacturing portable digital X-ray systems

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