March Edition 2010
Dear Friends,

2010 is zooming past and doesn’t seem to be slowing for a minute. At Christina, we’ve been busy too.

First, we are so excited about the wonderful reception we’ve been seeing over the launch of Peelosophy, Christina’s professional solution for severe skin conditions.

Next we want to tell you about our new Christina Comprehensive Training Videos for all of our product lines, copies available upon request.

And of course there is the rebirth of the Christina ENews Quarterly Report, where we’ll be bringing you sneak previews of upcoming openings and launches as well as important industry information and Christina product news.

I wish you an interesting and enjoyable read.
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News & Events:
- Professional Peel for Severe Skin Conditions
The Peelosophy smart peel treatment allows you to broaden your customer base while helping clients with severe skin conditions. With unique treatments for severe acne and acne damage, hyperpigmentation and aging skin, Peelosophy offers a personalized powerful solution for your clients.

Our collective experience in salons around the world convinced us that there is a real need for a safe, effective, multi approach treatment that addresses the unique biological factors behind severe skin conditions. Peelosophy focuses on corrective skin treatments with a purpose and is different from any other peel you’ve ever used. It uses a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients, innovative peeling techniques and a real-time visual evaluator resulting in a true structural skin improvement.
This fall/winter has been a whirlwind of shows and travels for the Christina team. Here are just a few highlights…
Peelosphy Launch is Well Received
Cosmeticians from all over the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Israel gathered to see the launch of Christina’s newest product line, Peelosophy, an innovative peeling solution for severe skin conditions. We were treated to a variety of informative workshops and exhibitions led by Christina M. Zehavi. The air was filled with excitement as cosmeticians witnessed the amazing results of Christina’s newest professional peeling system.
Moscow, Russia, February 10 - 13, 2010
Christina gave a series of lectures at the Congress of Esthetic Medicine in Moscow which included an in-depth look at “Skin rehabilitation methods and ingredients” and a special presentation on “The most recent developments in chemical peeling treatments”, presenting Peelosophy - Christina’s new product line for advanced peeling treatment.
Tel Aviv, Israel, January 12, 2010
Cosmeticians from all over the country gathered at the recent Peelosophy conference in Israel. Lectures and hands-on demonstrations were held by Christina M. Zehavi throughout the day, and many attendees took the opportunity to sign up for the Peelosopohy Advanced Training Course.
Recent Events
Moscow, Russia, February 10 - 13
Tel Aviv, Israel, January 12
Riga, Latvia, November 2 - 3
Kiev, Ukraine, October 15 - 17
Vilnius, Lithuania, October 12 - 13
Almaty, Kazakhstan,
September 24 - 27
Riga, Latvia, November 2 - 3, 2009
Christina M. Zehavi conducted a workshop for cosmeticians to discuss the potential usage of Christina products to solve skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, skin aging and more.

Baltic Beauty World Exhibition
Riga, Latvia, October 31- November 1, 2009

At the “Baltic Beauty World” exhibition in Riga, Latvia Christina
M. Zehavi presented live demonstrations at the TopCosmetics booth.

InterCharm 2009 - International Perfumery and Cosmetic Exhibition
Moscow, Russia, October 28 - 31, 2009

This exhibition was sponsored by NickOl Beauty and Health Center together with Christina.

During the exhibition NickOl presented Peelosophy and organized workshops for cosmeticians using hands-on demonstrations given by Christina M. Zehavi who attracted a large crowd to the booth throughout the entire event.

The exhibition organizers awarded a “Gold Medal of InterCharm” to Nikolay Miroshnichenko     for his contribution to the Beauty Industry of Russia.

Kiev, Ukraine, October 15 - 17, 2009
TopCosmetics Ukraine, Christina’s exclusive distributor in the Ukraine and general sponsor of IX International Congress of Applied Esthetic and Cosmetology, was an active participant in this exhibition. Their stylishly designed booth attracted considerable attention and included 12 expert consultants who answered the visitors’ questions.

Christina M. Zehavi conducted a series of master classes and demonstrated her unique technique of gradual peeling with Peelosophy. In her farewell address, the head of the exhibition organization acknowledged Christina as
a classic of modern cosmetology. She also presented TopCosmetics Ukraine a special award expressing her gratitude for their support in organizing the event.
Vilnius, Lithuania, October 12 - 13, 2009
With over 80 cosmeticians from all over Lithuania in attendance, Christina M. Zehavi demonstrated various methods of solving severe skin conditions (acne, seborrhea, scars, aging skin, loss of elasticity) using Unstress, Wish, Fluoroxygen+C, Rose de Mer and Comodex, as well as showing possible ways of combining these treatments for enhanced results.

In addition, Christina M. Zehavi introduced the new product line Peelosophy to those present. The workshop’s participants were especially impressed with the Peelosophy Evaluator. The Evaluator is a completely new and innovative addition to professional peelings. It allows the aesthetician to visually assess the uniformity and depth of peel in real time for a safer more controlled treatment.
Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 24 - 27, 2009
Christina M. Zehavi gave hands-on demonstrations of treatment and workshops for cosmeticians at the NickOl Company booth. After the exhibition NickOl organized a special Peelosophy training session for distributors and their educators.
Welcome Cristina Sorli, Barcelona, Spain
We at Christina would like to extend a warm welcome to the Cristina Sorli cosmetics school in Spain. For over 20 years, Cristina Sorli has been the premier school for professional aesthetics in Barcelona. With more than 10,000 professional products, Cristina Sorli has added Christina product lines to their 1,000 meter store in December 2009. Training sessions and presentations are scheduled to start April 14th, so cosmeticians from Spain should contact Cristina Sorli for more details. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
Congratulations NickOI
We at Christina congratulate NickOl on the recent opening of their new center for professional cosmeticians in Moscow. This modern center integrates a cosmetics super store, an educational center with fully equipped classrooms, as well as private treatment rooms. With all of this conveniently located in one place, the NickOl Center is sure to be a great attraction for beauty professionals all over Moscow.
Special Commendations
Congratulations to Nikolay Miroshnichenko     for receiving the “Gold Medal of InterCharm” for his contribution to Beauty Industry of Russia. We wish you continued success, may you only go from strength to strength!
With the premier of Peelosophy, springtime is going to be hot for Christina. We will be exhibiting at leading industry events around the world, demonstrating the latest techniques and presenting our newest product lines.
Tel Aviv, Israel, March 16, April 15, May 27
Tel Aviv, Israel, March 14, April 11
Dusseldorf, Germany, booth 10F39, March 26 – 28
Beauty International Exhibition is the central international forum for cosmetics, nail and foot professionals. It is the leading meeting place for information and ordering and a trend barometer for the industry.
Moscow, Russia, Pavilion 2, hall 11, booth E-04, April 22 – 24
The number one international exhibition for professional cosmetics and equipment in Eastern & Central Europe.
Moscow, Russia, April 25 – 26
Kiev, Ukraine, April 28 – 29
“Combined methods of prophylaxis and correction of esthetic skin problems”.
Krakow, Poland, May 15 – 16
Krakow, Poland, May 17
A new study suggests that men do indeed age better than women.

According to Aesthetic Surgery Journal, women are more likely to wrinkle than men. But why? So many biological factors cause aging, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific reason. However, a recent histological study done on the lip area may suggest an answer. The study, performed on a cross section of male and female participants in the Netherlands, shows that women tend to have fewer sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and blood vessels in the dermis than men.

The study hypothesizes that less sebaceous and sweat glands translate into overall dryer skin. Dehydrated skin cannot replenish lost moisture and structure sags; leading to wrinkles. The lack of ample blood supply is also a contributing factor. Since the skin depends primarily on dermal blood flow for nourishment and detoxification, its’ lack hinders skin healing.

Although women’s skin is more prone to wrinkles, understanding the reasons why can help guide treatment. Frequent application of moisturizer and vitamins boost the skin’s defense and regenerative capabilities. At the same time, treatments that increase blood flow help nourish skin cells and speed the removal of toxins for overall healthier skin The lip area is a challenge for many cosmeticians and better understanding of skin structure can help lead professionals to prevent and treat wrinkles for both men and women.
Winter is a tough time to keep skin looking great. Outside low temperatures and humidity as well as strong, harsh winds deplete skin of its natural moisture. At the same time inside heaters and furnaces further dehydrate skin. For how to combat these and other winter hazards check out these fast and simple techniques.

Switch to an intense moisturizer: Although it seems obvious, many women continue using the same cream year round despite changes in weather. Switching to an intense moisturizer may alleviate some of the weather’s destructive toll.

Exfoliate: Consistent removal of skin buildup will help skin look and feel smoother and tighter. Also, excess dead skin cells prevent moisturizer from penetrating the skin and often cause the skin to become itchy and uncomfortable.

Use a gentle, moisturizing cleanser: Harsh cleansers and make up removers can strip essential moisture from delicate skin and even cause damage. Using a gentle cleanser will remove dirt and residue without destroying the skins natural lipid layers.

Use sunscreen: Not just for summer, sunscreen is a must for every season. Skin aging UV rays are present during the winter months and can easily burn the skin even on cloudy days. To protect the skin and prevent damage, always use UV protection makeup or apply sunscreen under your foundation.
We hope you enjoyed reading our March Issue ENews Quarterly Report

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