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As our product line expands and new improvements are constantly being made to our X-ray technologies, we invite you to stay informed about our different products, accessories and applications.

For your convenience, we have gathered several brochures and links in this e-mail:

Product Brochures

FlashX Brochure
FlashX Operation Modes

BlazeX Brochure
RayzorX Brochure
BoltX Brochure
BoltX Operation Modes
FoXrayIIe Brochure

Accessory Brochures

Slider 2X2 Brochure ICU-X Brochure

     Application Brochures

EOD/IED Xray customs and border control Forensics xray

EOD/IED Brochure

Customs Brochure Forensics Brochure

Portable Digital X-ray Systems for Security Applications Booklet

Portable Digital X-ray Systems for Security Applications

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