When Testing Welds, it is Now Possible to Cover All Range of Welding Thicknesses with Portable Digital Radiography  

BoltX Pro is compliant with Class B ISO17636-2 standard and is the perfect addition to your Vidisco DR system, now enabling you to test every kind of weld

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Vidisco introduces the new FlashX Pro Wireless - No Wires – No worries

From now on the FlashX Pro imager works with no cables, which makes the system more portable than ever!

Vidisco prides itself on listening to its customers and being in constant state of improving its products. This time, Vidisco created a built-in wireless module for its FlashX Pro imager.

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Image of the Month

This image was taken at an Aerospace testing facility where the customer tested the capabilities of the BoltX Pro system. A carbon fiber sample with a matching IQI was placed inside the customer's existing X-ray cabinet and using their own X-ray source, the shot was taken with the following parameters:

Vidisco is renowned as a global leader in developing and manufacturing portable digital X-ray systems

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