New BoltX Pro DDA Vidisco Launches the BoltX Pro DDA

Only 1.33 inches thick and with an imaging area of 4.5 x 5.7 inches, the BoltX Pro panel weighs only 1.5 kg. This uniquely compact and lightweight unit encompasses spectacular X-ray capabilities with convenient packaging in a single case or backpack, which also serves as its operational platform. The BoltX Pro is a highly accurate and user friendly device which is easily set up and allows inspections to be carried out with minimum interference to production and maintenance.

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Quality Assurance Procedures in Transmission Lines  Using DR in Transmission Lines Inspection

An article published on discusses the importance of implementing quality assurance procedures in power lines and reviews several inspection methods, concluding that Vidisco digital radiography systems have several advantages and are preferred for their technology, portability and user friendliness.

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Image of the Month

HDPE pipes, used to transport gas, need to be regularly inspected in their welding points. A test recently conducted in the Vidisco
X-ray laboratory in Israel reveals porosity in an electric fusion HDPE pipe joint.

Porosity in an Electric Fusion HDPE Pipe Joint

Vidisco is renowned as a global leader in developing and manufacturing portable digital X-ray systems

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